Our service offering

Our service offering

Submit repair request

For technical issues or enquiries regarding repairs or your warranty, a service request is your direct way to talk to our colleagues on the customer service team.

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Lost your owner's manual?

Here we have put together a collection of the manuals and instructions to help you understand and assemble your vehicle.

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Egret Services

Here you can see an overview of our services that could help you after purchasing your e-scooter.

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Unboxing videos

Here you can watch the unboxing videos for the Egret Pro, Egret X, Egret X+ and Egret One.

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Inspection booklet for download

Your checklist for safe rides free of worries. Document regular inspections and maintenance to extend your e-scooter's life, prevent accidents, and ensure the safety and performance of your e-scooter.

Printing advice: Print the document double-sided (flip over over the long edge), fold in the middle

Inspection booklet for download & print

How to get in touch with us

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