Egret X+
Extra large pneumatic tyres For demanding surfaces Stable handling

Scooting for perfection since 2012

At Egret, we like to turn things up a notch. Whether the fun to ride or our passion for engineering: Designing each scooter completely ourselves down to the very last screw, we are constantly raising the bar in the industry. And have been committed to pioneering international scooter culture for decades. Need proof? Check out our story!

High tech from Hamburg

Why should only the best cars come from Germany? In our Hamburg headquarters, our engineers develop and test the entire Egret technology – including our proprietary tools. The result? Quality and durability that is always a scooter length ahead of the competition.

For even more riding pleasure

Unleash the full potential of your Egret e-scooter - with customised, high-quality equipment. Simply ride better.

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For even more riding pleasure

Business Upgrade

Ditch the company car for two wheels! An Egret e-scooter offers tangible benefits for employers and employees. Find them here: My Job Scooter

Come a little closer

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Your 'Right to Repair'!

We know every screw on our e-scooters. Do you, too?
Find all the parts and tutorials you need in case of damage or loss in our spare parts portal.

First class first aid

Need information, spare parts or repair orders?
Our service team helps you and your e-scooter - also by e-mail and phone! To our Service portal

We Put You on the Guest List

You are in Hamburg? Great!
Pay us a visit in our showroom!

Fast delivery for free

Customer service by our experts

14 days right of return

2-year guarantee on the battery

Engineered in Germany

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